Linq to Sql

Full Linq to Sql Support

Utilize the full power of the LLBLGen Pro Designer when working with with your entity model: use reverse-engineering functionality (Database first) or Model first tools at the same time. Easily synchronize your entity model with the database schemas, define and validate your entity model or create derived models on top of them and much more. You're in control.

Attribute based mappings or Xml mappings

Using the powerful template based code generator built into the LLBLGen Pro Designer you can generate code which uses attribute based mappings or xml mappings. You can switch between them at any time.

More than just an entity model

The entity model can be used as a basis for one or more derived models (which contain hierarchical definitions of derived elements from entity definitions) in denormalized form if required. You can use these derived models to produce DTO classes and, optionally, generate persistence code to automatically persist them as entity instances in your relational databases or document databases.

Code as if you have written it yourself

The code produced by the LLBLGen Pro Designer is carefully architected to be extensible through extension points, partial classes and partial methods, comes with XmlDoc comments to produce reference manuals, and is fully tested. You can start writing queries right away.

At a glance

Supported Databases

The LLBLGen Pro Designer supports SQL Server 2000 or higher / Express / CE Desktop / SQL Azure for Linq to SQL

Supported .NET versions

.NET 4.5.x or higher

Supported .NET output languages

Code is generated in C# or VB.NET. Generated code can be used from any .NET language.

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