Exposing a class model through a service

Derived models

The LLBLGen Pro Designer allows you to define unlimited derived models on top of your entity model. Through code generation, these result in Data-transfer objects (DTO) class models. You can de-normalize elements of the DTOs right in the designer. You then expose the resulting DTO class model through the interface of your service/WebAPI.
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Kept in sync with your entity model

The LLBLGen Pro Runtime Framework takes care of keeping your derived models in sync with the entity model in your project. This avoids the modeling work becoming busywork: let the LLBLGen Pro Designer take care of that for you.

Built on-top of the supported O/R mapper frameworks

The generated DTO class model comes with ready-to-use projection functionality for the O/R mapper framework you're using in your entity model. All you have to do is write a Linq query and call an extension method, and the generated code projects the resulting data into DTO objects you can expose through your service. Optionally you can generate dto-to-entity update code as well, if your service/WebAPI is read/write.
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Flexible and customizable

The LLBLGen Pro Designer offers flexible tools to customize the generated DTO classes. For instance, defining attributes on classes and properties is driven by rules, so you can define the attribute just once and it's generated on every matching element. As the code generator is template based, you can also customize the templates to your liking. The sky is the limit!
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