How to add/edit a value type definition

Adding a Value Type definition

To add a new value type definition, there are various ways to do that, which are described below.

  • In the Project Explorer, right click the 'Value Types' node and select 'New Value Type...' from the context menu, which will pre-select the group the 'Value Types' node is in.
  • In the Project Explorer, make sure 'Value Types' is selected and press Ctrl-T, which will pre-select the group the 'Value Types' node is in.
  • Press Ctrl-Shift-T to bring up the New Value Type editor, no group is pre-selected
  • Select Project -> New -> Value Type from the main menu. No group is preselected.
  • Use Quick Model to specify value type definitions by using the #v command.
  • By refactoring one or more fields on the fields tab of the Entity Editor or Value Type editor
  • Click the New Value Type Button button in the toolbar

Editing a Value Type definition

You can edit a value type definition by right-clicking a Value Type name and choosing Edit... from the context menu or pressing Ctrl-Shift-O. This will bring up the Value Type Editor.

The General Value Type Editor

The designer also offers a General Value Type Editor. This is a special kind of value type editor which allows you to edit the value type which is currently selected in the project explorer. This editor is opened by selecting Project -> General Value Type Editor in the menu, or by clicking the button in the toolbar.

The advantage of the General Value Type Editor is that it keeps the current sub tab selected when you select another value type in the project explorer, which allows you to e.g. edit the fields of several value types without a lot of clicking through tabs.