How to add a Derived Model

Adding a Derived Model

To create a new Derived Model, please use one of the following options

  • Select Project -> New -> Derived Model from the main menu.
  • In Project explorer right-click Derived Models and select New Derived Model from the context menu.
  • Click the button in the toolbar.
  • In Project explorer select one or more entity definitions, right-click them and select Add Selected Entities To Derived Model... from the context menu.

When a new Derived Model is about to be created, the New Derived Model dialog is shown.

Create New Derived Model dialog

The Create New Derived Model dialog

The chosen Target Framework decides what the Derived Model is for and what generated code is created from it. You can switch the target framework at any time.


The Derived Model is controlled by settings, which are available, per model, in the Project Settings.