How to add/edit a Root Derived Element

Add a new Root Derived Element

There are several ways to add a new Root Derived Element to a Derived Model

  • by right clicking the Derived Model in the Project Explorer and then selecting 'Add new derived element'. This will allow the user to select the root entity and the name of the derived element to add.
  • by selecting one or more entities in the Project Explorer, model view or Quick Model, right-clicking the selected entities and then select from the context menu: "Add selected entities to derived model...'. This will create for each entity a new root derived element with as name the full name of the entity (so with group, where the '.' is removed) and the entity as root entity. You can opt to create a new Derived Model as well this way, if you want to add the root derived elements to a new Derived Model.

Keep in mind that related elements of a Root Derived Element are embedded in the Root Derived Element, and therefore are edited with the Root Derived Element. There are no relationships to define between Root Derived Elements.

Editing a Root Derived Element definition

Right-click a root derived element in the Project Explorer and select Edit... from the context menu. You can also press Ctrl-Shift-Oon one or more selected root derived element definitions in the Project Explorer. This will bring up the Root Derived Element Editor.

The General Derived Element Editor

The designer also offers a General Root Derived Element Editor. This is a special kind of root derived element editor which allows you to edit the root derived element which is currently selected in the project explorer. This editor is opened by selecting Project -> General Derived Element Editor in the menu, or by clicking the button in the toolbar.

The advantage of the General Derived Element Editor is that it keeps the current sub tab selected when you select another Root Derived Element in the project explorer, which allows you to e.g. edit the code generation info of several root derived elements without a lot of clicking through tabs.