What's new in ORM Profiler v2.0

Version 2.0.1

ORM Profiler v2.0.1 has the following changes

  • MS Access / OleDB: when copying a SQL query to the clipboard, it could be the values weren't properly inlined if the query used named parameters instead of anonymous OleDB parameters.
  • Parameter inlining: additional options were added for parameter inlining so it's now possible to always inline parameters and there's control over whether the parameter name should be appended as comment or not.

Version 2.0

ORM Profiler v2.0 brings the following new features / enhancements

  • .NET Core 2 support for all DbProviderFactory using data access frameworks, e.g. LLBLGen Pro v5.x.
  • New UI with themable controls
  • Performance improvements across the board.
  • Documentation is now done with DocNet
  • Profiler Client is now usable with an active LLBLGen Pro subscription and is now free for LLBLGen Pro users with an active subscription.
  • Many small issues fixed in the client.
  • Clean up of interceptors: There are now 3 interceptors: one for .NET Full, one for EF 6.x and one for .NET Core.

Version 1.5

ORM Profiler v1.5 brings the following new features / enhancements:

  • Full Entity Framework 6 support. See Enabling your application for profiling.
  • Real time analysis:
    New analysis types:

    • Number of connections / sec exceeds a given threshold
    • Number of commands / sec exceeds a given threshold
    • Transaction time exceeds a given threshold (also new in snapshot analysis)
    • Connection open time exceeds a given threshold (also new in snapshot analysis)

    The following analysis was already present in ORM Profiler and is now also done in real-time:

    • DB time of command exceeds a given threshold
    • .NET consume time of command exceeds a given threshold
    • An Exception occurs
    • The resultset is too large
    • Too many commands per usage period
    • Massive sql statement
  • Resultset Retrieval in-client

  • Minor enhancements/changes:

    • Settings are now persisted to disk
    • Additional snapshot analysis alerts: (these are introduced in the real-time analysis)
      • Transaction time exceeds threshold
      • Connection open time exceeds threshold
    • Better time aggregation in hierarchical views Command db time/.net time is now aggregated to the complete tree of nodes instead of just its direct parent.
    • Retrieving the plan now uses a quick connection open
  • Async support (this is already enabled in the latest v1.1 build, but in case you missed it)