Navigating to a call stack position in Visual Studio

ORM Profiler supports source code navigation from a call stack position in a call stack in a snapshot. This means that when you see a query which you like to optimize, you can click on any of the call stack frames in the call stack which leads to the query and navigate to the code position the call originated from, in Visual Studio (if filename, line position are known, so debug information has to be present at time of profiling).

To do so, click the frame in the call stack and click the button to navigate to the position in Visual Studio. By default, ORM Profiler will try to find the file in an existing open Visual Studio instance, and if not found, it will try to open the file in an existing Visual Studio instance, or if no Visual Studio instance is running, it will start a new instance.

You can switch off Visual Studio navigation and open the file in notepad instead by switching it off in the preferences.


It's key you run the ORM Profiler Client UI as administrator. This is because the Visual Studio instance will run as administrator and it's not possible to obtain access to the documents in these instances from an application which doesn't have the same access rights as the user running Visual Studio.

If you don't run the client as administrator it will open a new Visual Studio instance each time you're trying to navigate to a file which is open in another Visual Studio instance.

Sometimes there's a delay when opening the file inside Visual Studio. It helps if the file is already open, the IDE will then quickly navigate to the right line.