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PrefetchPath2UseRootMaxLimitAndSorterInPrefetchPathSubQueriesDefault Field
The default value for the 'UseRootMaxLimitAndSorterInPrefetchPathSubQueries' flag. This is also a configurable setting in the config file: add a line to the config file's appSettings section: useRootMaxLimitAndSorterInPrefetchPathSubQueries and specify a value of true or false. Default is false.

Namespace:  SD.LLBLGen.Pro.ORMSupportClasses
Assembly:  SD.LLBLGen.Pro.ORMSupportClasses (in SD.LLBLGen.Pro.ORMSupportClasses.dll) Version: (5.3.0)
public static bool UseRootMaxLimitAndSorterInPrefetchPathSubQueriesDefault

Field Value

Type: Boolean
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