LLBLGen Pro v5.6.6 and v5.7.3 have been released!

We've released the RTM versions of LLBLGen Pro v5.6.6 and LLBLGen Pro v5.7.3! See below what's fixed in these releases.


The following issues have been addressed in both v5.6.6 and v5.7.3

  • (Runtime Libraries) - PlainSQL's FetchScalar/FetchScalarAsync don't convert a DBNull.Value to a nullable type if the specified type is nullable
  • (Templates) - DDL SQL, MySQL: a unique constraint's name isn't wrapped with ` characters but with normal double quotes
  • (Designer Core) - Reverse engineering a relationship with a compound FK/PK where part of the FK is part of the PK and part is nullable will enforce non-nullability on the nullable FK fields

How to obtain the new bits?

You'll find the new RTM releases in the downloads section below 'My Account'. Of course the RTM builds of the runtimes are also available through NuGet.

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