'MetricItemEntity' does not contain a definition for 'MetricBoilerPlate'

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# Posted on: 09-Mar-2022 08:15:58   

After migrating the LLBLGen from 1.x to 5.7, I am getting the below error for MetricBoilerPlate . Is there any alternative methods for MetricBoilerPlate in v 5.7 ?

foreach (MetricItemEntity metric in metricItemEntities) {
x = metric.MetricBoilerPlate.SetupNotificationDaysPrior;
 y = metric.MetricBoilerPlate.RemiderDurationSpanDays;

Error   CS1061  'MetricItemEntity' does not contain a definition for 'MetricBoilerPlate' and no accessible extension method 'MetricBoilerPlate' accepting a first argument of type 'MetricItemEntity' could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)
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# Posted on: 09-Mar-2022 08:36:31   

MetricBoilerPlate must be a Navigator to another entity. Could you please check the Designer and see which Navigators you used to have in v.1.x and compare them with Navigators found in the 5.7 Designer?

It might be a m:n Navigator which is not generated by default anymore, as there is a setting for many to many relations in Database First Development section in the Project Settings which is false by default.

Please let us know your findings.