Silent Install Issue LLBLGenPro

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# Posted on: 06-Mar-2022 23:19:09   

Hi, when packaging up and trying to install LLBLGenPro 5.9.0/1 using the switch /S we are being prompted with two VSIX installer error's which need to be acknowledged to continue for the package to successfully complete. Deploying this through Intune/SCCM makes it worse as it runs as System account and those two pop ups do not even show for the user to complete.

VSIX Bootstrapper Could not locate VSIXInstaller.exe.

If you press OK, it pops up again, press OK and then the installer will complete.

Cheers Gary

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# Posted on: 07-Mar-2022 10:07:27   

The installer will install a Visual Studio addin, the vsix. This requires visual studio to be present of course. When the user has visual studio installed, the vsixbootstrapper exe is retrievable through the path env variable as that's set by visual studio. However if you install using a different account this might fail. So deploying this way might not work unless you deploy it like visual studio or other add ins for visual studio (e.g. resharper) ?

Frans Bouma | Lead developer LLBLGen Pro