v5.0 Beta is now live!

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# Posted on: 01-Feb-2016 11:48:44   

The LLBLGen Pro v5.0 beta is now available! If you're a v4.x licensee, you can download it from the website: Log into the website, then go to My Account -> Downloads -> v4.2 -> Betas.

It comes with its own license which expires on March 1st. It's not said we'll release that day, if necessary we'll extend the beta period.

It's feature complete and comes with vs.net integration. Please read the enclosed LLBLGen Pro v5.0 Beta readme.docx file for detailed description about what's new.

Please provide feedback! We'll not add new features before RTM but things which are buggy / don't work etc. are especially important for us to get fixed before release. Since CTP2 we've fixes a tremendous amount of issues as well as implemented a lot of small features. See http://www.llblgen.com/tinyforum/GotoMessage.aspx?MessageID=134212&ThreadID=23649 for details on what has changed since CTP2.

For feedback please post in the feedback forum: http://www.llblgen.com/tinyforum/Threads.aspx?ForumID=56

Many thanks to all the people who tested the CTPs and provided feedback!

Frans Bouma | Lead developer LLBLGen Pro