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# Posted on: 10-Jun-2010 12:44:27   

Hi, One of the senior developers is proposing the following architecture for a big winforms application we are working on (the old VB6 version had 700 forms!!)

The application has 3 logical tiers, DAL (by LLBL), BL, and the WinUI

The proposal is to build each winform in its own project/dll. This means we will end up with almost 700 dlls for the project's forms.

The goal behind this architecture is to ease and speed development.

I would appreciate hearing any feedback for or against such a design?

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I would start with trying to understand the claim that it would "ease and speed development". I actually can't imagine any justification for taking this approach.

One big downside--the solution file would be unmanageable. You could have a trimmed- down version of it for daily use, but then any changes to the BL would have to be checked against all UI projects to make sure everything still compiles.

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It won't ease and speed development, it will make it more painful and slower. As well as the unmangeable solution file, there is also the build time to be considered - there is an overhead for each .dll that has to be built.

A much more sensible approach is to structure your UI projects into logical business groups - ie Customer forms, Product forms etc. Another approach is to use logical functional groups - list browsing forms, edit forms etc. Either of these is a much more manageable approach.


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thanks for your feedback

The an other goal that he mention behind that architecture is to ease to do updates for customer by sending the modified dll . as updates could be either daily or weekly.

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How is it any easier to send a customer 1 dll from 700, rather than 1 from dozen or so ?

And you shouldn't be updating customer systems in this manner anyway - build a proper installer and get them to update their installation. Otherwise it is way too easy to lose track of which version of your application they are using.