WPF 4 in VS2010

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# Posted on: 15-Dec-2009 11:22:20   

Now that VS2010 Beta2 is out with a go-live license, I was wondering if I should expect smooth sailing concerning data-binding in WPF with LLBL's entities or are their any pitfalls that require an update to the current LLBL release?

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# Posted on: 15-Dec-2009 19:16:42   

we implement the bare bones databinding code, and WPF should work with that. We don't add any WPF specific databinding code as that will force our code to be tied to that .net version and we don't do that as we can then create a different runtime build for every framework MS releases.

So there won't be any change to databinding code in v3's runtime. What specific code do you need?