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LLBLGen Pro Runtime Framework
WebServices working!

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06-Dec-2005 22:51:12
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# Posted on: 25-May-2006 22:09:38.  
Otis and/or Answer and/or AnyoneWhoKnows--

I am testing out the LLBLGen Templates With Web Service Support (LTWWSS).

Preliminary testing indicates that they do work fine.

I have one question...

In the readme.doc, it shows this edit for the machine.config...


    <add name="SchemaImporter" type="yournamespace.SchemaImporter, assemblyname, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=44a0feb02394e70a" />

...and my question is...

Note that we one does change the "yournamespace" part and the "assemblyname" part in the same. However, since the <add> node has name="SchemaImporter" and one does not change this, then what happens when the same machine wants to use >1 set of LLBLGen-generated objects using the LTWWSS? Won't there be a collision given >1 <add> node in the machine.config will have the same name="SchemaImporter" attribute setting?

You see, I am assuming that WSDL and other the other great things that VS.NET 2005 runs to create the proxy class does a lookup into machine.config at run-time when the proxy is gettting generate and looks for that "name" attribute and uses it. But, I am thinking, if there is >1 set of LLBLGen-generated objects, then there will >1 <add> node with the same name and I am wondering how WSDL will find the right one to match with the right output.

And so on.

What do you think?

Please advise.

Thank you.

(Post Script -- Yes, I plan to actually try this; but, I thought I should ask regardless because at this end there is A LOT of room for operator error and I will not know if it is LTWWSS or me, and so on.)

--Mark Kamoski
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22-Dec-2007 18:15:39
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# Posted on: 03-Jan-2008 00:07:02.  
It's been a while since this thread has been active...
I am trying to eval LLBLGEN with webservices.
Now from this thread it seems like in the past you emailed people the templates directly if they were still in eval period, right? Is that still the process?

I dont have access to the download section on the main site yet since I am using the eval also, right?

I noticed some tasks under the 2.0 generation could be enabled, but I got the error listed below regarding the template 'SD_VsNet2005AdapterTemplate' not being found.

What to do now? Am I stuck unless I purchase LLBLGEN first?

Thank you,

Task group: SD.Tasks.Adapter.Webservices.SchemaImporter
            Task: SD.Tasks.Adapter.Webservices.SchemaImporter.DirectoryCreator
                    Directory 'C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\My Documents\LLBLGen Pro Projects\PetShopDAL20\SchemaImporter' created/preserved successfully.
            Task: SD.Tasks.Adapter.Webservices.SchemaImporter.SchemaImporterClassGenerator
                    Code generated into file 'C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\My Documents\LLBLGen Pro Projects\PetShopDAL20\SchemaImporter\SchemaImporter.vb' successfully.
            Task: SD.Tasks.Adapter.Webservices.SchemaImporter.ProjectCreator
                    Could not find template 'SD_VsNet2005AdapterTemplate'. It is not defined in the templatebindings or is empty.
        Task execution ended on: 02-Jan-2008 17:22.25

Support Team


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21-Aug-2005 16:03:48
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# Posted on: 03-Jan-2008 10:59:38.  
Using LLBLGen Pro v.2.5 the schemaImporter template is provided with the package.

Please read the .NET 2.0 specific: Schema importers in the LLBLGen Pro v.2.5 documentation under:
Using the generated code -> Adapter -> Distributed system -> XML Webservices / WCF support

Next time please create a new thread as decribed here:
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