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SortClause Properties

The SortClause type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCaseSensitiveCollation
Gets / sets caseSensitiveCollation flag. If set to true, the UPPER() function (or db specific equivalent) is applied to the field. Default: false
Public propertyEmitAliasForExpressionAggregateField
Gets or sets a value indicating whether the alias of the field should be emitted if it has an expression/aggregate or the full field / expression. Default is true. Set to false if the field in this sortclause isn't used in the projection and it has an expression/aggregate assigned to it.
Public propertyFieldToSortCore
entity field to sort on.
Public propertyObjectAlias
Alias for the object the field belongs to. Used to identify which entity to use when the entity is present multiple times in a relation collection. Alias has to match an alias specified in the relation collection or should be left empty if no alias is specified (or no relation collection is used).
Public propertyPersistenceInfo
Persistence information for FieldToSort. Can be a cast of the same object, when an IEntityField is added to this sort clause
Public propertySortOperatorToUse
The sort operator to use for this sort clause
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