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IPrefetchPathElementCore Properties

The IPrefetchPathElementCore type exposes the following members.

Public propertyDestinationEntityType
The EntityType enum value for the entity the entities to fetch are to be stored in.
Public propertyExcludedIncludedFields
Gets / sets the list of IEntityFieldCore objects which have to be excluded or included for the fetch. If null or empty, all fields are fetched (default). If an instance of ExcludeIncludeFieldsList is passed in and its ExcludeContainedFields property is set to false, the fields contained in excludedIncludedFields are kept in the query, the rest of the fields in the query are excluded.
Public propertyFilter
The filter predicate expression to fetch the ToFetch entities. Initially this is set in the constructor. Add additional predicates to this predicate expression.
Public propertyFilterRelations
The relations to use in the filters. Initially this is an empty collection, as the fetches use subqueries. Add additional relations to this relation collection to have multi-entity filters.
Public propertyGraphLevel
Gets or sets the graph level.
Public propertyMaxAmountOfItemsToReturn
The maximum amount of entities to set per destination instance.
Public propertyNoCaching
Gets or sets a value indicating whether the query should use its parent's caching directive (false, default) or should bypass the parent's caching directive and always fetch the query from the database (true).
Public propertyPropertyName
The name of the property which is the destination for the entities fetched by the definition of this path element.
Public propertyRelation
The relation between the destination (parent) entity and the entity to fetch with this path element
Public propertyRetrievalCollection
The entity collection to fill (and to use to retrieve the entities to fetch). After the fetch, this collection contains the entities to merge with the instances of the parent entity.
Public propertySorter
The sort expression to sort the entities per destination instance.
Public propertySubPath
The subpath containing path elements to retrieve in the ToFetch entity of this PrefetchPathElement. Can be empty.
Public propertyToFetchEntityType
The EntityType enum value for the entity to fetch defined by this path element.
Public propertyTypeOfRelation
The type of relation between the entity to fetch and the entity which will hold the entity to fetch
Public propertyUseRootMaxLimitAndSorterInPrefetchPathSubQueries
The flag to switch on (true) or off (false, default) the usage of the max limit and sorter used to fetch the root of the path in subqueries. If true, the root limit and sorter is added to the subquery filtering on the root entities, which can lead to more optimal queries. Some queries/databases can suffer from this, so only set this to true if required. Default is false, use with care.
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