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IEntity2 Properties

The IEntity2 type exposes the following members.

Public propertyActiveContext
Gets / sets the active context this object is in. Setting this property is not adding the object to the context, it will make contained entities be added to the passed in context. If the object is already in a context, setting this property has no effect. Setting this property is done by framework code, use the Context's Add/Get methods to work with contexts and entities.
(Inherited from IActiveContextParticipant.)
Public propertyAuditorToUse
Gets or sets the Auditor for this entity.
(Inherited from IEntityCore.)
Public propertyAuthorizerToUse
Gets or sets the Authorizer for this entity.
(Inherited from IEntityCore.)
Public propertyConcurrencyPredicateFactoryToUse
Gets / sets the IConcurrencyPredicateFactory to use for GetConcurrencyPredicate(ConcurrencyPredicateType).
(Inherited from IEntityCore.)
Public propertyCustomPropertiesOfType
The custom properties for the type of this entity instance.
(Inherited from IEntityCore.)
Public propertyFields
The internal presentation of the data, which is an EntityFields2 object, which implements IEntityFields2.
Public propertyFieldsCustomPropertiesOfType
The custom properties for the fields of the type of this entity instance. The returned Hashtable contains per fieldname a hashtable of name-value pairs.
(Inherited from IEntityCore.)
Public propertyIsDeserializing
Returns true if this entity instance is in the middle of a deserialization process, for example during a ReadXml() call. For internal use only.
(Inherited from IEntityCore.)
Public propertyIsDirty
Marker for the entity object if the object is 'dirty' (changed, true) or not (false). Affects/reads .Fields.IsDirty.
(Inherited from IEntityCore.)
Public propertyIsNew
Marker for the entity object if the object is new and should be inserted when saved (true) or read from the database (false).
(Inherited from IEntityCore.)
Public propertyIsUpdateOnlyEntity
Gets a value indicating whether this instance is an update only entity. UpdateOnly entities are entities which are 'split off' from the main entity and only update rows in the database, never insert rows.
(Inherited from IEntityCore.)
Public propertyCode exampleLLBLGenProEntityName
Returns the full name for this entity, which is important for the DAO to find back persistence info for this entity.
(Inherited from IEntityCore.)
Public propertyLLBLGenProEntityTypeValue
Returns the EntityType enum value for this entity.
(Inherited from IEntityCore.)
Public propertyLLBLGenProIsInHierarchyOfType
Gets the type of the hierarchy this entity is in.
(Inherited from IEntityCore.)
Public propertyMarkedForDeletion
flag which is set when the entity is removed from an entity collection and added to a tracker.
(Inherited from IEntityCore.)
Public propertyObjectID
Gets / sets the unique Object ID which is created at runtime when the entity is instantiated. Can be used for external caches.
(Inherited from IEntityCore.)
Public propertyParticipatesInTransaction
Flag to check if the ITransactionalElement implementing object is participating in a transaction or not.
(Inherited from ITransactionalElement.)
Public propertyPrimaryKeyFieldInfos
Gets the primary key field infos. Similar to PrimaryKeyFields, but this property doesn't trigger field creation.
(Inherited from IEntityCore.)
Public propertyPrimaryKeyFields
List of IEntityField2 references which form the primary key. Reads/Affects .Fields.PrimaryKeyFields
Public propertyTransaction
The ITransaction this ITransactionalElement implementing object is participating in. Only valid if ParticipatesInTransaction is true. If set to null, the ITransactionalElement is no longer participating in a transaction.
(Inherited from ITransactionalElement.)
Public propertyTypeDefaultValueProviderToUse
Gets or sets the TypeDefaultValue provider to use. This object is used to provide default values for value typed fields which are null and not of type Nullable(Of T)
(Inherited from IEntityCore.)
Public propertyValidator
The validator object used to validate the entity on several moments in the entity's life.
(Inherited from IEntityCore.)
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