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PlainSQLFetchAspects Properties

The PlainSQLFetchAspects type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCacheDuration
Gets or sets how long the resulset as a cached resultset should be placed in the cache.
Public propertyCacheResultset
Gets or sets a value indicating whether the resultset should be cached.
Public propertyCacheTag
Gets or sets the tag the resultset should be cached under. By default this is the empty string (no tag)
Public propertyLimit
Gets or sets the limit (number of rows to return) to use for the query. By default this is 0 (no limit, all rows are returned).
Public propertyOffset
Gets or sets the offset to use for the query. By default this is 0.
Public propertyOverwriteIfPresent
if set to true it will replace an existing cached set with the one specified.
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