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IFastSerializationTypeSurrogate Interface
Interface to allow helper classes to be used to serialize objects that are not directly supported by SerializationWriter/SerializationReader

Namespace:  SD.LLBLGen.Pro.ORMSupportClasses
Assembly:  SD.LLBLGen.Pro.ORMSupportClasses (in SD.LLBLGen.Pro.ORMSupportClasses.dll) Version: (5.3.0)
public interface IFastSerializationTypeSurrogate

The IFastSerializationTypeSurrogate type exposes the following members.

Public methodDeserialize
Deserializes an object of the supplied type from the SerializationReader.
Public methodSerialize
FastSerializes the object into the SerializationWriter.
Public methodSupportsType
Allows a surrogate to be queried as to whether a particular type is supported
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