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IEntityCollectionCore Properties

The IEntityCollectionCore type exposes the following members.

Public propertyActiveContext
Gets / sets the active context this object is in. Setting this property is not adding the object to the context, it will make contained entities be added to the passed in context. If the object is already in a context, setting this property has no effect. Setting this property is done by framework code, use the Context's Add/Get methods to work with contexts and entities.
(Inherited from IActiveContextParticipant.)
Public propertyAllowEdit
Default: true. If set to false, entities inside this collection won't be editable in a complex databinding scenario.
Public propertyAllowNew
Default: true. If set to false, no new entities will be added through databinding.
Public propertyAllowRemove
Default: false. If set to true, entities can be removed through databinding.
Public propertyContainingEntityMappedField
Gets the name of the field mapped onto the relation in the opposite entity which is represented by this collection, if this collection is contained by an entity. E.g. it will return "Customer" if the relation Customer - Order has the field 'Customer' mapped onto it in Order and this collection is the Orders collection in Customer. If this collection isn't contained in any entity, an empty string is returned.
Public propertyCount
The amount of IEntity2 elements in this entity collection
Public propertyEntityFactoryToUse
The EntityFactory to use when creating entity objects during fetch action or other logic which requires the creation of new entities.
Public propertyIsForMN
Gets or sets a value indicating whether this instance is for a M:N relationship. If set to true, it will also set IsReadOnly to true.
Public propertyIsReadOnly
Get / set the readonly flag for this collection.
Public propertyIsRemovalTracker
Gets or sets a value indicating whether this instance is a removal tracker collection.
Public propertyItem
Simple indexer.
Public propertyRemovedEntitiesTracker
Gets or sets the removed entities tracker for this entity collection
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