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IEntityCoreReadXml Method (XmlNode)
Will fill the entity and its containing members (recursively) with the data stored in the XmlNode passed in. The XmlNode has to be filled with Xml in the format written by IEntity.WriteXml() and the Xml has to be compatible with the structure of this entity.

Namespace:  SD.LLBLGen.Pro.ORMSupportClasses
Assembly:  SD.LLBLGen.Pro.ORMSupportClasses (in SD.LLBLGen.Pro.ORMSupportClasses.dll) Version: (5.3.0)
void ReadXml(
	XmlNode node


Type: System.XmlXmlNode
XmlNode with Xml data which should be read into this entity and its members. Node's root element is the root element of the entity's Xml data
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