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TransactionComPlusBase Class

Note: This API is now obsolete.

Abstract transaction class which is used to control a serie of actions on multiple entities or entity collection classes. The database connection is opened in the constructor so the COM+ transaction is flowing into the creation of the database connection. No ADO.NET transaction is started, everything runs in the containing COM+ transaction. This class is the COM+ version, it will never start a new ADO.NET transaction and will always be using a COM+ transaction. All actions MUST be explicitly be commited or rolled back (aborted), there is no autocomplete implemented in this class.
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Namespace:  SD.LLBLGen.Pro.ORMSupportClasses
Assembly:  SD.LLBLGen.Pro.ORMSupportClasses (in SD.LLBLGen.Pro.ORMSupportClasses.dll) Version: (5.3.0)
[ObsoleteAttribute("This class is marked obsolete, starting with v3.5. Use System.Transactions instead of COM+ based transactions for distributed transactions.", 
public abstract class TransactionComPlusBase

The TransactionComPlusBase type exposes the following members.

Protected methodTransactionComPlusBase
Initializes a new instance of the TransactionComPlusBase class
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