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SD.LLBLGen.Pro.ApplicationCore Namespace
Public classApplicationConstants
Generic static class for application wide constants.
Public classApplicationUtils
General utility methods for all classes inside this namespace or child namespaces
Public classExtensionMethods
ApplicationCore specific extension methods.
Public classFolderBrowser2
Public classFolderNameEditor2
Blantantly borrowed from
Public classMessageSourceConstants
Class which contains all message source constants used in the system so type errors aren't made.
Public classParallelWorkID
Class to define work IDs for work to perform.
Public interfaceICopyPasteDataProducer
Interface which is used to produce data for clipboard exchange. The data produced by the implementation of the interface is using the import system.
Public interfaceICopyPasteProducerController
Simple interface which is used to control a copy paste producer without having access to it.
Public interfaceIDocumentFieldSource
Interface which defines a document field source.
Public interfaceIFieldElementCore
Simple interface to be able to handle FieldElement instances and other field element type instances as the same
Public interfaceIFieldType
Interface for specifying fieldtypes.
Public interfaceIGenerator
Interface for generator instances which execute a given set of tasks.
Public interfaceIGroupableElement
Interface for elements in a project which are groupable.
Public interfaceIIconProvider
Simple interface which is used to provide an icon at runtime for MDI child tab contents
Public interfaceIIdentifyingField
Interface which is used for field elements which can be part of the IdentifyingFields of an entity.
Public interfaceIImporter
Interface to be used on an importer class, and which is mainly used to generically use the importer instance without knowing the generic type.
Public interfaceIPluginConfigurationControl
Interface to define common elements every plugin configuration control has to have.
Public interfaceIPluginWindow
Interface for forms which can be opened by a plugin.
Public interfaceIRawCatalogElement
Interface used on raw elements retrieved from the catalog(s). This interface is used to visualize / manipulate fields of the actual raw element in standarized code.
Public interfaceIRelationshipEdge
Simple relationship interface which is used to be able to use multiple edge types in viewers for example.
Public interfaceISupportedAspectsInfo
Interface which provides information for supported platforms and template groups
Public interfaceITask
Interface for the task instances, which are stored in ITaskGroup instances
Public interfaceITaskGroup
Interface for the instances which group ITask instances and / or other ITaskGroup instances.
Public interfaceITaskGroupElement
Interface for all elements which can be stored in an ITaskGroup instance.
Public interfaceITaskPerformer
Interface which defines the minimal set of exposed methods and properties each task performer class should expose.
Public delegateApplicationOutputLogLineCallBack
Delegate for logging a line to the application output window.
Public delegateLogLineInApplicationOutputCallBack
Callback delegate for logging output from a task performer in the application output window.
Public enumerationActionCombinationType
Type to define the action combination of a groupable model element - target mapping.
Public enumerationAggregateFunction
Enum definition for the various aggregate functions which can be applied to fields in a retrieval query. Useful in typed lists. Use these in combination with a groupbycollection. Not all functions are legal on all fields. Some functions will produce errors when used with fields of a given type, like a Sum function with a character field. This is the responsibility of the developer. Aggregate functions are never applied to *lob fields.
Public enumerationCardinalityType
The cardinality of an element, e.g. path or navigator.
Public enumerationCodeGenerationCycleOutputType
Enum to define the output type of the code generation cycle. Used to store the CodeGenerationCyclePreferences in the project
Public enumerationContextSensitiveState
Enum to define the context sensitive state the designer is in so available actions related to the context sensitive state can be made available.
Public enumerationCorrectionActionType
Enum to signal if there's a correction func, a go location func or no func at all specified in the correction
Public enumerationDataTypeToPaste
Enum to specify which type data to paste.
Public enumerationDerivedModelContainingDocumentsChangeType
Enum which is used to specify the type of change to the containing documents of a DerivedModelDefinition.
Public enumerationDerivedModelDefinitionChangeType
Enum which is used to specify the type of change which took place inside a DerivedModelDefinition
Public enumerationDesignerEvent
Enum for specifying a designer event to bind a plugin to. As a lot of events can be defined, these aren't defined as [Flags]. These events are able to serve multiple plugins, if required. There are also single-plugin events.
Public enumerationDiscriminatorValueType
Enum to store the discriminator value type in the project XML file.
Public enumerationDispatchQueueType
Enum which is used to specify on which queue has to dispatch a task.
Public enumerationDocumentDefinitionChangeType
Enum which is used to specify the type of change which took place inside a documentdefinition
Public enumerationDocumentFieldDefinitionChangeType
Enum which is used to specify the type of change which took place inside a documentfielddefinition
Public enumerationDocumentFieldSourceType
Enum which specifies the sourcetype of a document field. Used in IDocumentFieldSource
Public enumerationEntityAliasChangeType
Enum definition for event arguments singaling what has changed in a TypedListEntityElement
Public enumerationEntityFieldChangeType
Enum to specify what exactly changed inside the entityfield for the entityfieldchanged event.
Public enumerationEntityRelationshipType
Enum definition for the type of the entity relationships defined between entities.
Public enumerationExcludableOrphanedElementDetectedActionType
Enum which is used to define the ExcludableOrphanedElementDetectedAction setting
Public enumerationFieldElementChangeType
Enum definition for the event arguments signaling what has changed in a Field Element definition
Public enumerationFieldMappingChangeType
Enum definition for event arguments signaling what has changed in a FieldMapping
Public enumerationFieldRelationshipChangeType
Enum definition for the event arguments signaling what has changed in a FieldRelationship instance
Public enumerationFieldTypeKind
Enum which is used to specify what kind of type the field type is
Public enumerationForeignKeyFieldChangeType
Enum for event arguments signaling what has changed in a foreignkeyfield definition.
Public enumerationForfChangeType
Enum for the event arguments signaling what has changed in a forf definition.
Public enumerationFrameworkSettingTargetElementType
Enum to define the target element for a settingdefinition for a framework.
Public enumerationFrameworkUsingModelType
Enum which specifies the types of models which can use frameworks. Used in .framework files as usedByFramework.
Public enumerationGroupableModelElementChangeType
Enum definition for event arguments signaling what has changed in a GroupableModelElement definition, which can be a ValueTypeDefinition, an EntityDefinition or TypedViewDefinition. Also elements which are related to this element which were changed are reported with this enum, so 1 observer can be used to observe what's going on with a single GroupableModelElement.
Public enumerationGroupableModelElementMappingChangeType
enum definition for event arguments signaling what has changed in a GroupableModelElement mapping
Public enumerationGroupUsageType
Enum definition to specify the GroupUsage option in preferences / project properties.
Public enumerationIFieldElementCoreChangeType
Enum definition for the event arguments signaling what has changed in an IFieldElementCore implementing object.
Public enumerationImportableElementType
Enum for defining the type of elements which can be imported
Public enumerationInheritanceHierarchyType
Enum definition for defining the inheritance hierarchy type of an entity: how it relates to its supertype.
Public enumerationJoinHint
Enum to define join hints for relations in typed lists
Public enumerationLicenseType
Enum used for specifying which license type the license is all about.
Public enumerationLogViewerCheckboxState
Enum definition which defines the type of a checkbox, used for checkbox state persistence.
Public enumerationLogViewerContext
Enum definition which is used to define in which context the logviewer is used.
Public enumerationMappableFieldType
Enum which is used to specify the type of mappable entity field the containing object represents.
Public enumerationMappingDataChangeType
Enum definition for events to signal that mapping data has changed in the MappingDataStore in a project.
Public enumerationMappingType
Enum to specify what the type of the GroupableModelElementMapping is.
Public enumerationMessageType
Enum to specify the type of a message.
Public enumerationMetaDataChangeType
Enum definition for events to signal that meta-data has changed in the MetaDataStore in a project.
Public enumerationModelViewChangeType
Enum definition for events to signal which elemnt in a model view has changed
Public enumerationNavigatorChangeType
Enum definition for the event arguments signaling what has changed in a navigator instance. A navigator is always part of a relationship edge and can reflect changes of the containing relationship edge in its own events
Public enumerationNonExcludableOrphanedElementDetectedActionType
Enum which is used to define the NonExcludableOrphanedElementDetectedAction setting
Public enumerationObjectChangeType
Enum definition which is passed in the event args for a RedrawRequired event or Entity/TypedList Changed event. Subscribers to these events can then decide based on this enum value what to redraw or change.
Public enumerationParallelWorkEventType
Enum for specifying the event type that occured during or after parallel work being performed. This is used to determine what to do next, combined with the work id of the parallel work causing the event.
Public enumerationPerformRuleOperator
Operator definition for a taskgroup preset element perform rule.
Public enumerationPluginExecutionType
Execution type of the plugin. Used in RunPluginEventArgs to signal the plugin runner
Public enumerationPluginTargetType
Enum for the target type of a plugin. A plugin can target more than one type. The values reported by the plugin are used to show the plugin in a context menu or not.
Public enumerationPluginType
Enum definition for the type of a plugin.
Public enumerationProjectElementType
Enum for defining a project element type which is used to define the type of the elements in a bag of objects, for example in the ProjectElementGroup class
Public enumerationRelationalModelDataElementNameCasingType
Enum for specifying the value for the preference/project property 'MetaDataElementNameCasing'
Public enumerationRelationshipEdgeChangeType
Enum definition for the event arguments signaling what has changed in a relationship edge definition.
Public enumerationReverseEngineerTargetType
Enum to specify the reverse engineering target for a reverse engineering action given the type of the source element.
Public enumerationRunPluginEventArgumentType
Enum used to specify which type of object is stored in the argument of the RunPluginEventArgs object.
Public enumerationScenarioAspectType
Enum which defines the aspects of the scenarios an available action can be used in. Can be used to filter actual available actions
Public enumerationSearchableElementType
Enum definition to define what's the element to search for in the element searcher.
Public enumerationSearchQueryLanguageType
Enum definition to define what's the language to use in the element search dialog.
Public enumerationSettingRuleExpressionOperator
Operator definition for setting rules, which are used to filter out elements to apply a setting on, e.g. an attribute definition.
Public enumerationSettingRuleOperator
Operator definition for setting rule expressions to combine them together to a setting rule.
Public enumerationSourceLocationDataType
Enum to specify the sourcelocationdata type with
Public enumerationSourceLocationEditorHintType
Enum to specify the editor hint for the source location. Can be used by editors to pre-select parts of the editor based on the hint.
Public enumerationTaskGroupElementType
Enum to define the type of a taskgroup element which can be added to an ITaskGroup instance.
Public enumerationTaskParameterValueType
Enum which specifies the type of the value in a parameter. The actual value is always stored in text, but this type is used to provide a proper UI for editing the type.
Public enumerationTriStateBool
Tri-state bool enum to use in project properties where it can be the preferences setting should be used instead (Default) or not (true/false).
Public enumerationTypedListChangeType
Enum definition for event arguments signaling what has changed in a TypedList
Public enumerationTypedListFieldChangeType
Enum definition for event arguments signaling what has changed in a TypedListField
Public enumerationTypedListRelationshipEdgeChangeType
Enum definition for event arguments singaling what has changed in a TypedListRelationshipEdge
Public enumerationTypeShortcutChangeType
Enum which is used to specify the type of change which took place inside a typeshortcut.
Public enumerationUniqueConstraintChangeType
Enum to specify what exactly was changed in a unique constraint.
Public enumerationVisibilityKind
Enum to specify the visibility of fields, entities and the like, in the output code.