Using the entity classes

For the Adapter template group, LLBLGen Pro will generate two VS.NET projects. This section describes code referencing both projects as it needs to interact with the database. The code used in the Adapter section of the documentation uses the General preset, which results in one class per entity. If you want two classes per entity, you've to use the TwoClasses preset, which would result in two classes per entity, one being named MyentityNameEntity, the one you'd use in your code like the code in this section.

All entity classes derive from a central, generated base class called CommonEntityBase. This class is the base class for all generated entity classes and it derives from the class EntityBase2, which is located in the ORMSupportClasses assembly. The CommonEntityBase class is usable to add code (via a partial class or using the user code regions) to all generated entities without having to generate / add that code to all entity classes separately.