Generating Source Code

One important aspect of working with the LLBLGen Pro designer is to generate source code from the models designed with the Designer. To do so press F7 or select Project -> Generate Source-code from the main menu. This will open the Code Generation Task Viewer which will guide you through the rest of the process.

Before code generation can take place, the Designer validates the project. If there are errors found during validation, no code can be generated. It doesn't matter whether the error is in the entity model and you want to generate code for a derived model or the error is in a derived model and you want to generate code for the entity model. To proceed in this situation, you first have to correct the error.

Generated VS.NET projects reference dependent generated VS.NET projects automatically

When code is generated and multiple projects are generated, it can be a generated project A is depending on another generated VS.NET project B. If they're generated in the same cycle, even if B already exists, the code generator will now reference B in A if A is newly generated using a VS.NET project reference. This makes it easier to get started with the generated code right away: e.g. generated Entity Framework models now properly have their persistence project reference the model project.

See for further information about how to generate code, the Code Generation Task Viewer section.