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IDataAccessAdapter Properties

The IDataAccessAdapter type exposes the following members.

Public propertyActiveRecoveryStrategy
Gets or sets the active recovery strategy to use with supported actions on this DataAccessAdapter. If null (default), no recovery strategy is used and all exceptions are fatal.
Public propertyCommandTimeOut
Gets / sets the timeout value to use with the command object(s) created by the adapter. Default is 30 seconds Set this prior to calling a method which executes database logic.
Public propertyConnectionString
Gets / sets the connection string to use for the connection with the database.
Public propertyFunctionMappings
Gets the function mappings for the DQE related to this object. These function mappings are static and therefore not changeable.
Public propertyInSystemTransaction
Gets a value indicating whether a System.Transactions transaction is going on. If not, false is returned.
Public propertyIsTransactionInProgress
Gets IsTransactionInProgress. True when there is a transaction in progress.
(Inherited from ITransactionController.)
Public propertyKeepConnectionOpen
Gets / sets KeepConnectionOpen, a flag used to keep open connections after a database action has finished.
Public propertyKeepTrackOfTransactionParticipants
The flag (default true) to signal the adapter that entities participating in a transaction controlled by this adapter are tracked during the transaction and which values are rolled back after a rollback of the transaction itself. Only set this flag to false if the entities participating in a transaction are not kept in memory during or after the transaction's life time.
Public propertyParameterisedPrefetchPathThreshold
Gets or sets the parameterised prefetch path threshold. This threshold is used to determine when the prefetch path logic should switch to a subquery or when it should use a WHERE field IN (value1, value2, ... valueN) construct, based on the # of elements in the parent collection. If that # of elements exceeds this threshold, a subquery is constructed, otherwise field IN (value1, value2, ...) construct is used. The default value is 50. On average, this is faster than using a subquery which returns 50 elements. Use this to tune prefetch path fetch logic for your particular needs.

This threshold is also used to determine if paging is possible. A page size bigger than this threshold will disable the paging functionality when using paging + prefetch paths.
Public propertyTransactionIsolationLevel
Gets / sets the isolation level a transaction should use. Setting this during a transaction in progress has no effect on the current running transaction.
Public propertyTransactionName
Gets the name of the transaction. Setting this during a transaction in progress has no effect on the current running transaction.
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