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DynamicQueryEngineBase Properties

The DynamicQueryEngineBase type exposes the following members.

Public propertyStatic memberCommandTimeOut
Gets / sets the command time out (in seconds). This is a global setting, so every Command object created after you've set this property to a value will have that value as CommandTimeOut. Default is 30 seconds which is the ADO.NET default. Do not set this property directly, but use the methods in the generated code to set this property.
Public propertyCreator
Gets / sets creator
Public propertyDistinctFilteringPreferenceToUse
Gets or sets the distinct filtering preference to use. The default value is the value of the global variable DynamicQueryEngineBase.DistinctFilteringPreferenceDefault.
Public propertyFactoryToUse
Gets the DbProviderFactory to use for this DQE.
Public propertyFunctionMappings
Gets the function mappings for the particular DQE. These function mappings are static and therefore not changeable.
Public propertyPerCallCatalogNameOverwrites
Gets / sets perCallCatalogNameOverwrites name pairs
Public propertyPerCallSchemaNameOverwrites
Gets / sets perCallSchemaNameOverwrites name pairs
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