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SD.LLBLGen.Pro.ODataSupportClasses Namespace
Public classLLBLGenProODataQueryProviderTLinqMetaData
The Query provider class for the WCF Data services support.
Public classLLBLGenProODataServiceBaseTLinqMetaData
Base class implementation for WCF Data Services dataservice classes using LLBLGen Pro.
Public classLLBLGenProODataServiceExpandProvider Obsolete.
Class which produces the prefetch paths for a query if the OData query contains Expand directives.
Public classLLBLGenProODataServiceMetadataProvider
Class which holds and determines the meta data of the model represented by a WCF Data Services service based on LLBLGenProODataService
Public classLLBLGenProODataServiceUpdateProvider
Class which provides CUD support (insert/update/delete for WCF Data Services.
Public classPathEdgeNode
Container class for pathedge information