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IPredicateExpression Properties

The IPredicateExpression type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCount
Gets the amount of predicate expression elements in this predicate expression. This is including all operators.
Public propertyDatabaseSpecificCreator
Object which will be used to create valid parameter objects, field names, including prefix/postfix characters, and conversion routines, and field names, including prefix/postfix characters. Uses the strategy pattern so the generic code can work with more than one target database.
(Inherited from IPredicate.)
Public propertyInstanceType
The PredicateType of this instance. Used to determine the instance nature without a lot of casting.
(Inherited from IPredicate.)
Public propertyItem
Gets the predicate expression element at the index specified
Public propertyNegate
Flag for setting the Predicate to negate itself, i.e. to add 'NOT' to its result.
(Inherited from IPredicate.)
Public propertyObjectAlias
Alias for the object the field belongs to. Used to identify which entity to use when the entity is present multiple times in a relation collection. Alias has to match an alias specified in the relation collection or should be left empty if no alias is specified (or no relation collection is used).
(Inherited from IPredicate.)
Public propertyParameters
The list of parameters created when the Predicate was translated to text usable in a query. Only valid after a succesful call to ToQueryText
(Inherited from IPredicate.)
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