Generate code for dotnet 4.0

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# Posted on: 23-Feb-2022 23:25:27   

I am using the latest version of LLBLGenPro, SelfServicing. I need to generate code for a windows 2003 machine. 2003 only supports dotnet 4.0 Last year I was still using LLBLGenPro 4.2 and I could generate both for 4.0 and 4.5.2 (or higher I think). In august I upgraded to 5.x. This is the first time since then that I have to alter code that is shared between Server 2016 and 2003.

Is it stil possible to generate dotnet 4.0 code and how should I do that? 4.5.2 seems to be the oldest supported version.

If it is not possible, is it possible to convert the 5.8 / 5.9 llblgen settings file back to 4.2?

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# Posted on: 24-Feb-2022 09:47:23   

I think the code generated still works on older .net versions, but the project files generated are referring to newer .net versions. If you have an existing csproj file, generating new code on top of that won't change that csproj file.

However the runtimes are compiled against newer .net versions, as .net 4.5.2 is the oldest one that's still supported by Microsoft (and this is going out of support soon I think), so not sure if these will load on older .net versions.

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# Posted on: 24-Feb-2022 16:40:08   

So there is no other way then to generate the code using version 4.2 of LLBLGen. I still have copies of the 4.2 settings files. Perhaps I am going to setup copies of the projects on an old development server I still use.

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Just revert back to the 4.2 Designer.