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Alex Davidson (User)   Posted on: 03-Oct-2006 13:32:42.
I'm writing an automatic data tier generator that creates SQL from another data def language, executes the SQL on a database to create tables, views, etc, then uses LLBLGen to do reflection and build the OR-mapped C# code.

I'm trying to use the LLBLGen API to do database reflection and project creation, but I haven't been able to find any API documentation. Are docs available for the code generation API?
Jessynoo (Support Team)   Posted on: 03-Oct-2006 15:35:35.

the sdk available from the download section contains the reference manual and source code of the generators, and the drivers.

You'll also find the ref manuals for the core libs

However, as you noticed, you don't have the source code for those.
Additionally, all the source code provided comes with a statement that says it's only licenced to you.

If you take advantage of the drivers/generator api to short cut the licenced designer, then you should be aware that you can't commercialize the resulting package as is without Frans' permission. On the other hand, I don't think there's a problem commercializing it as a service you host.

You just can't redistribute the drivers/generator dll, and even less the core licenced dlls, yet the runtime libs are ok for inclusion in a commercial product.


Alex Davidson (User)   Posted on: 03-Oct-2006 16:23:34.
Ah, yeah, I thought it might be part of the SDK, only I haven't been able to find that reference. Is it only in Visual Studio help format? Because those files don't appear to be working correctly with VS.

This tool is just for internal use, so I doubt licensing is a problem.
Jessynoo (Support Team)   Posted on: 03-Oct-2006 16:30:51.
the ref manuals are in chm format, so you should not have problems with them

Alex Davidson (User)   Posted on: 03-Oct-2006 16:45:18.
Aha, got it. Thanks!

The app only comes with the VS-type help, of course. I didn't notice that the separate download was in an alternative format.