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Thread:  5.4.4 is not generating a ModelInfoProvder.cs class

njbelf (User)   Posted on: 20-Nov-2018 00:31:55.
I'm not sure what's preventing it from doing so but I do get an error in the Code Generation that it can't find SD_EntityRelationsTemplate.    Could that be the issue?

daelmo (Support Team)   Posted on: 20-Nov-2018 07:19:14.
The file of the template that generates the ModelInfoProvider.cs file (SD_ModelInfoProviderTemplate) should be located at SharedTemplates\Net3.5\C#\modelInfoProvider.lpt

If you see other files missing in the output it's likely you moved (maybe accidentally) the folders, or messed up an installation. I recommend you to uninstall/reinstall LLBLGen Pro.

Otis (LLBLGen Pro Team)   Posted on: 20-Nov-2018 09:45:48.
SD_EntityRelationsTemplate is a template that's no longer used in v5.4+, so this suggests you use an outdated preset, with a task that tries to generate the relations classes. The modelinfoprovider is a new template starting in 5.4 and if that's not generated that indeed confirms you're using an outdated preset. (i.e. a custom preset you created in v5.3 or earlier, and copied it to v5.4).

I vaguely recall you did have this problem before or am I mistaken? We rarely update the vanilla presets, however in v5.4 we had to make these changes (all in 1 go)
njbelf (User)   Posted on: 20-Nov-2018 15:45:44.
Thank you for the information on where this is generated from. I will clean up the templates in 5.4 on our system.