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Thread:  Map table to two entities?

jovball (User)   Posted on: 07-Jun-2018 05:01:11.
I am almost certain that I have done this in the past but I can't do it now. I'd like to add a table from the catalog as two different entities. Call them Customer and CustomerExtended.

The second entity simply disappears when I click "Add to Project."

I'm using runtime 5.2.1 and Designer 5.2 (5.2.1) RTM.
daelmo (Support Team)   Posted on: 07-Jun-2018 09:14:35.
Hi Joel,

I reproduced it just once, then I close it and open again and I couldn't reproduce it anymore. Very strange. These were the steps:

1. Open v5.2.2
2. Create a new project (LLBLGen Runtime)
3. Add model from relational model (northwind)
4. Reverse engineer all tables to entity definitions. Result: all entities are now present
5. Select 'Customer' table, right click and select 'Reverse engineer to entity definition'. Select the default suggested name 'Customer1' and click OK. Result: the 'Customer1' entity is not mapped as entity.

If I run the steps again, It's solved apparently. We will investigate this....

Otis (LLBLGen Pro Team)   Posted on: 07-Jun-2018 10:48:18.
Did you check the checkbox in front of the entity in the dialog? It doesn't pre-check the checkbox for tables which are reverse engineered and already have an entity mapped on them. If you just follow the steps David uses, it isn't added, as the checkbox in front of it (in the Add to project column), isn't checked.

jovball (User)   Posted on: 20-Sep-2018 23:39:01.
Only three months later... No, of course I missed that. Everything works fine when I follow those steps.