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Thread:  ETA on lambdas to reduce generated code size

jovball (User)   Posted on: 08-Jan-2018 22:48:13.
On December 14, Frans said:

This week I added per navigational property a single line of code to remove almost 50% of the generated class code for entities. Progress Regular Smiley And not done yet. Lambda's ftw!

Any idea when we'll be seeing this? Sounds great and I'm looking forward to seeing how you've done this.

Otis (LLBLGen Pro Team)   Posted on: 09-Jan-2018 10:41:01.
Regular Smiley It's in v5.4 which is currently in development. No ETA but I expect it before the summer. Adapter entities are now 40% of what they are in v5.3 and all code left is simple boring properties and 1-line utility methods (like the prefetch path properties or the methods which produce a relationpredicatebucket for a navigator). This is a slow process but necessary. We also want to reduce the number of files which requires migration task performers as well so it'll take a while to get this right.

We hope to add more features in v5.4 but it's likely we'll release an EAP first with just this update so people can test it.