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Thread:  Find doesnt work in Template binding viewer

Puser (User)   Posted on: 06-Dec-2017 20:10:24.
v5.3 RTM (5.3.1)

CTRL-F in a template does not find anything anymore. Doesnt matter what search options you choose.

daelmo (Support Team)   Posted on: 07-Dec-2017 05:34:41.
Mmm, that's weird. I can't reproduce it.

- What options do you have checked in 'Search options' in the find/replace dialog?
- Does this happen in all files or is it specific to one file?
- When this started to happen? (after an upgrade, after another change in the operating systema, etc.).

Puser (User)   Posted on: 07-Dec-2017 09:34:01.
All options, example when all clear.
but i managed to find more specifics in this opened session. When first tab with template is open and i search in second, i really dont search in this second, i see the Ln en Col numbers change and when i then open the first tab i see it searches overthere in stead of the open tab.
and then when i close the first tab and search again i get a NullReferenceException (which i cant show i think because of the opened find/replace form.
after closing that form, i can now search.
I cant reproduce it after starting fresh and opening more templates.
maybe in code there is a difference in current opened tab and selected tab or something?
Otis (LLBLGen Pro Team)   Posted on: 07-Dec-2017 11:23:57.
Search doesn't span multiple editors, and this is confusing but it's surprisingly hard to fix this as the search is tied to the editor control used. However I can't get it to fail as you describe, multiple editors open, also an entity in its editor, selecting a tab, pressing ctrl F, typing a string, it finds it, switching to another tab it still finds it (but you dont' see that).

So it doesn't search on the active 'selected' tab, it searches in the tab you had selected when pressing ctrl-F as it's tied to that tab. We can't make the search dialog modal, as you then can't scroll in the editor tab you had selected.

As the control library we're using has pull out window parts now, we can look into placing the search at the top of the editor pane in the tab, so it's obvious where you're searching in and the confusion would go away. We'll research that in a future version.

Puser (User)   Posted on: 07-Dec-2017 11:31:05.
dont worry, when working with the editor and it seems it cant find something when i know it must be there (after some retries), i'll just restart llblgen pro.

after restarting llblgen this morning and working with it it hasnt happened.

ps: i always put my pc in sleep mode over night

thanks for your answers.