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Thread:  Hanselman takes Llblgen Pro for a spin

arschr (User)   Posted on: 12-Jun-2017 15:09:46.

Very positive article, should get some of his many readers looking.
Otis (LLBLGen Pro Team)   Posted on: 12-Jun-2017 18:05:32.
Laugh yeah it was a great pleasure to read that Regular Smiley That blog pulls some major traffic, we see many people coming from that site, lots of engagement Regular Smiley

Also heartwarming to read all the replies (including yours) below the article. Made our day!

(edit) I also didn't know Azure databases now work with a real server so metadata can be retrieved. I added connection resilience (transient error recovery) to the SQL Server driver so this should work OK now Regular Smiley It's in the 5.2.1 hotfix build