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Thread:  LLBLGen Pro v5.1 EAP 1 now available

Otis (LLBLGen Pro Team)   Posted on: 30-Aug-2016 14:00:46.
The first Earl Access Program build for v5.1 is now available! It's available for all v5.x subscribers and you can download the installer from the 'My account -> v5.1' section.

We'll update the EAP builds regularly, every time we have a new feature ready, till RTM. Runtime packages are uploaded to nuget too, with the 'alpha' suffix.

The version comes with updated documentation with the new features implemented. It's fully tested, however it comes with the usual beta / alpha warning: this is prerelease software, bugs can be present and we can cut features / redesign features before RTM.

Implemented so far in this version:

- LLBLGen Pro Runtime / Drivers: Temporal Table support for Linq / QuerySpec (SQL Server 2016/DB2 10)
- LLBLGen Pro Runtime: Table / View / Index hints for Linq / QuerySpec (SQL Server / MySQL)

Please see the 'What's new' sections in the documentation for details on the new features.

Support is given through the forum for EAP builds we just opened: If you don't see it, please close/reopen your browser.