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Thread:  Improve DOC for Instantiating a TypedView mapped to SP

Rosacek (User)   Posted on: 09-Mar-2016 15:13:24.
I would ask to add clear notice into DOC, that when using catalog overwriting then
we should use this style:
RetrievalProcedures.FetchOrdersResultTypedView(adapter, tvOrders,param1)
instead of DOC mentioned:
adapter.FetchTypedView(customersTv, RetrievalProcedures.GetQueryForCustomersOnCountryTypedView("USA"))

Issue was discussed eg. on

DOC link:,%20TypedLists%20and%20Dynamic%20Lists/gencode_usingtypedview_adapter.htm#resultset

Otis (LLBLGen Pro Team)   Posted on: 09-Mar-2016 15:47:41.
Good point, will fix this before v5.