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Thread:  Code will not compile without a TVF

WayneBrantley (User)   Posted on: 15-Jan-2014 21:42:47.
Using self servicing two class.

I converted a 3.5 project to 4.1 that I downloaded and installed today.
It would not compile due to types not defined in QueryFactory.cs
TableValuedFunctionCall and TvfCallWrapper are not defined.

Turns out there is not a TvfCallFactory.cs class generated.

It turns out that the .preset file is only set to generate that file if I do in fact have any table value function calls.:
                <taskPreset name="SD.Tasks.Generic.TvfCallFactoryClassGenerator">
                    <parameter name="elementFilter" value="TvfCalls.Any()" />

Adding a TVF definition to my project, regenerating did in fact generate this file and it does compile of course, so all good. However, I thought you may want to fix this little bug.

WayneBrantley (User)   Posted on: 15-Jan-2014 21:52:32.
Nevermind...this was a bad reference that caused this...not the presence of that factory.