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Otis (LLBLGen Pro Team)   Posted on: 18-Dec-2004 14:03:49.
This forum is for discussing topics related to Template Studio, the free template IDE for LLBLGen Pro licensees. Also topics related to the construction of custom templates can be found here.

We have a template repository available to you for your custom templates. It uses subversion ( as the sourcecontrol engine. You need the latest subversion version installed and also TortoiseSVN for easy access. The repository can be found here:

Copy that url in the TortoiseSVN repository browser or specify it at the command line using the svn client.

Anonymous access is read-only. If you want to store your templates in our repository, please email and specify your CustomerID, your account name you want to use and the password you want to use and you'll be added. All access is logged and the repository is backuped daily. Your templates will stay your property, although it is wise not to checkin code which is not yours (e.g.: check in sourcecode that another person has written). Code which is not related to templates or task performers will be removed. Abuse of the repository system will result in the removal of your account and no more support from our side.