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Thread:  Generating code without Template Studio

calin (User)   Posted on: 26-Nov-2007 15:07:59.
Can code be generated from templates without template studio?

Thanks a lot.
goose (User)   Posted on: 26-Nov-2007 16:45:05.
Yes it can, the template studio is useful only if you intend to modificate the templates or write a template of your own, but if you only want to generate code with the already shipped templates you can do it within from the designer. Please download a demo version an try it for yourself.

Anthony (User)   Posted on: 28-Nov-2007 05:50:43.
where do i get a trialf template studio?
Walaa (Support Team)   Posted on: 28-Nov-2007 12:10:16.
Only customers can download The Template Studio, there is no demo/trial version for it.

jlehew (User)   Posted on: 09-Sep-2008 15:52:44.
Can you make this a sticky post so it stays at the top of this forum? I had the same question.

Otis (LLBLGen Pro Team)   Posted on: 09-Sep-2008 18:13:35.
It's at the benefits page on our website: