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JimHugh (User)   Posted on: 22-Aug-2007 22:56:24.
Why does CanBatchDeleteEntitiesDirectly take a System.Type and the rest of the Can* methods take an IEntityCore instance?
Otis (LLBLGen Pro Team)   Posted on: 22-Aug-2007 22:58:49.
Because in adapter for example, you specify only a type or a name and a filter, not an entity. So the action is bound to a type, not to a real entity instance, as that's not useful anyway: there's no entity data to check as the action is started without an entity instance Regular Smiley

JimHugh (User)   Posted on: 22-Aug-2007 23:07:49.
:blush: Just seemed to be inconsistent, but now I see it!

Thanks, sorry for wasting your time, still trying to absorb the rest of the changes!