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SQL performance profiling logging

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Alexandria, VA, USA
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# Posted on: 18-Mar-2019 17:10:28.  

I'm using the Llblgen V5.5 with adapter.

I use the ORM profiler to look for performance issues on my test system, and it works great! I can see the SQL calls being sent and the time taken by the database to process the SQL. There's all kinds of other useful data the profile gives...very useful!

We have some customers that host our application on their own servers. Even though my test server performs well, they complain about slowness. I can't run the ORM profiler on their server. Is there a way that I can have my application log the ORM profiler like basic data (SQL statement and time to execute) to a text file? This way, they can give me a log file so I can try to isolate their database performance issues...

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# Posted on: 18-Mar-2019 18:22:19.  
The ORMProfiler comes with a CLI client.
ٍSo you can create a snapshot (profile the application) with the command line client (CliOrmProfiler.exe) locally on the server where the application is running and analyze the snapshot later on in the visual gui.

Most probably performance difference comes from the difference of the mount of data in the database at the customer side, compares to your testing database.
So if you can't install the ORM profiler on the customer server, you can still take a copy of the customer DB to run your tests against, whether on the customer premise or back at your office.

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