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LLBLGen Pro 3.0 vs Entity Framework

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Markham, Canada
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02-Feb-2006 23:31:34
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# Posted on: 28-Jun-2011 19:55:32.  
Hello Everyone,

Is there a blog, site, page, etc. that details why I should use LLBLGen Pro instead of EF?

I'm currently considering an upgrade of my 2.x licenses, and therefore would appreciate why I still need LLBLGen Pro when MS now has EF.

LLBLGen Pro Team

The Hague, The Netherlands
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17-Aug-2003 18:00:36
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# Posted on: 28-Jun-2011 20:17:08.  
Well, llblgen pro 3.x also supports the entity framework, so you can use it as designer for both, so you don't have to make a choice.

Our designer is better in many areas, I've summed up a lot of them here

Our framework has much better prefetch paths, better inheritance SQL, enum support, type converters, change tracking in the entities, de-centralized system so no central context, no startup delay due to view generation, multiple flexible query systems (we recently added QuerySpec), much faster bugfixing/support: a bug in EF gets hardly fixed before the next vs.net release, sourcecode for the framework, query system is extensible in many ways so you can always tweak the system to your needs, .NET 2.0 and higher, so you don't need to move to .NET 4, queries are using parameters always (EF inlines constants!), parameters are always specified with the field length/precision so execution plan re-use is better, multiple catalogs per server, better Oracle support, etc. I'm sure I forgot a lot Wink

EF has: value types (DDD, complex types as they're called in EF), poco, multiple inheritance types per hierarchy.

Frans Bouma
LLBLGen Pro / ORM Profiler Lead Developer | Blog | Twitter
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