Compact Framework / Sql CE support


Since v1.0.2005.1, LLBLGen Pro supports the Microsoft Compact Framework.NET (CF.NET) and SqlServer CE on PocketPC and Windows CE. This section discusses the limitations of the support LLBLGen Pro currently offers for CF.NET. LLBLGen Pro supports the CF.NET 1.0 framework and CF.NET 2.0 framework as well as SqlServer CE 2.0 or higher and also SqlServer CE Desktop v3.1 on .NET 2.0 or higher. CF.NET 1.0 development requires Visual Studio.NET 2003, CF.NET 2.0 development requires Visual Studio.NET 2005, CF.NET 3.5 development requires Visual Studio.NET 2008. This section is about SqlServer CE support for the compact framework. Please see Database specific features for details about SqlServer CE Desktop.


Supported functionality.

Compiling your code / using the code

VS.NET projects are generated automatically. Please select the required CF.NET version in the platform combo box in the generator configuration dialog.

The Runtime libraries are:
For CF.NET 1.0: For CF.NET 2.0: For CF.NET 3.5: You have to re-generate your code if you have an existing project, you can't recompile your existing code for CF.NET automatically.

To start with SqlServerCE, first create the project on a normal SqlServer 7/2000/2005 database, then generate code using that project and by selecting CF.NET 1.0, CF.NET 2.0 or CF.NET 3.5 in the platform combo box.

LLBLGen Pro functionality not available

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