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AndyStephens (User)   Posted on: 31-Jan-2007 17:45:53.

Is there any way to change the default behaviour of the designer when it generates the project files and folders?

Our solutions consist of a solution folder, containing a subfolder for each project. These subfolders also contain the respective .csproj project files.
However when using the Adapter model, LLBLGen (v2) creates the two project files (dbgeneric & dbspecific) in the same destination folder, with their project files located in additional subfolders (DatabaseGeneric & DatabaseSpecific). This does not follow our solution folder structure (which follows Microsoft recommendations!). Is there any way to change this behaviour?

In other words when I click "generate" in the designer, and specify my solution folder as the "destination root folder", I would like the generator to create subfolders called (say) "DatabaseGeneric" and "DatabaseSpecific" within my solution folder, with the relevant project file located in each one, rather than both project files in the solution folder like it does at present.

Hope that makes sense!


bclubb (User)   Posted on: 01-Feb-2007 04:12:53.
It makes sense. The way to do this is to generate the project like normal. Then in the General Settings Tab set the Destination root folder to you folder with the solution. Then go to the Task queue to execute folder.

Here you will want to go to the last task under SD.Tasks.Adapter.DatabaseGeneric that is named SD.Tasks.Adapter.VsNetDbSGenericProjectFileCreator. Then for this task you will want to add [dbgenericSubFolder] with the brackets as the value for destinationFolder.

DatabaseSpecific has similar steps with [dbspecificSubFolder] as the value to add.

Now you can click the Start Generator button. This should then prompt you that you have changed the Template Set. You can save this as a new template set and then you won't have to change these settings everytime just use your new template set.

AndyStephens (User)   Posted on: 01-Feb-2007 10:01:17.
That worked a treat! Many thanks for the assistance.