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Thread:  llglben actionprocedures returns part of varchar2 value

PAZIMLI (User)   Posted on: 24-Oct-2016 11:26:09.

We use LLBLGEN 2.5 and Visual studio 2012 and call a function shown below.Our problem is
after calling this function from .NET, this fucntion should returns a message like 'YOUR PASSWORD IS NOT VALID" , But
LLBLGEN returns only part of this message like "[b]YOUR PAS[/b]".

So we can not get the rest of message, because it is lost.

string rtn = "";
string msg = "";
int drtn = 0;

drtn = ActionProcedures.PkgMenuSifreuygunluk(_kullanici, tbYeni.Text, msg, ref rtn);

FUNCTION SifreUygunluk(pkullanici IN VARCHAR2, psifre IN VARCHAR2, pmsg VARCHAR2) RETURN varchar2

Otis (LLBLGen Pro Team)   Posted on: 24-Oct-2016 13:07:07.