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Tucson, AZ
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23-Mar-2004 00:00:43
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# Posted on: 09-Dec-2006 00:01:34.  
We recently finished rebuilding http://www.wrenchscience.com using LLBLGen Pro and .NET 1.1 from the old asp/vbscript site. Please take a look and let us know what you think. The idea behind the site was to build a web based sales tool for customers to choose from mechanically compatible parts for their high end bicycle frame. The parts compatibility is what makes this site different from any other bicycle building site on the web. You don't see what can't be physically put together in real life.

We redesigned the front end UI, we built an entirely new web admin system for order processing and customer management as well as product management. The database was completely re-architected the from the ground up to take advantage of table inheritance and normalization.

The wrenchscience.com v2 system has been up and running now for the last two months and is working very well. Thank you for a great product and thanks to all who have answered my questions on the forums over the last two years. I look forward to many more years of answering/asking questions and learning with you all.

I just want to add that my favorite feature of LLBLGen Pro is PrefetchPaths, what a great tool!


Aaron Prohaska
Aaron Prohaska
LLBLGen Pro Team

The Hague, The Netherlands
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17-Aug-2003 18:00:36
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# Posted on: 09-Dec-2006 12:21:06.  
Congratulations Aaron with completing this massive project! Laugh

The site looks and works awesome, great job! Regular Smiley. During the years on the forum we could see glimpses of the complex work you had to perform behind the scenes to get the functionality you wanted: matching parts for selected products, hierarchies of parts etc. etc. and I'm glad everything payed off and works well Regular Smiley

One tip, but perhaps you already do this and I overlooked it, is that the site doesn't advertise enough that it only selects those parts which are compatible with the currently selected state of the bike, something you put so much time and energy in and which I think is a BIG unique selling point (USP) of your site. I mean: a lot of computer manufacturers don't even do this, while they should. It's an excellent idea and I think you can't advertise that enough. For the rest, hats off! Regular Smiley

And thank you for the compliments Regular Smiley

Frans Bouma
LLBLGen Pro / ORM Profiler Lead Developer | Blog | Twitter
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