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What you don't know CAN hurt you! www.RecallGuardian.com

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Markham, Canada
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02-Feb-2006 23:31:34
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# Posted on: 14-Nov-2007 18:47:14.  
Hello Everyone,

We're close to launching a new site called RecallGuardian.com.

The site continuously searches hundreds of sources for product recall and product safety alerts and proactively notifies subscribers to recalls matching their specified criteria.

Consumers can subscribe to the service at http://www.recallguardian.com and choose their individual recall preferences from a comprehensive list of options such as: food & beverages, child & infant products, pet food & supplies, drugs & medical supplies, household & office products, sports & recreation products, computers & electronic products, clothing & accessories, as well as motor vehicles & other equipment.

Once subscribed, consumers will receive proactive notifications directly to their telephone, mobile phone, email, or even SMS text message for product recall warnings in their selected profile.

The application was built using SOA principles with a full modularized application architecture. Our front-end is built with ASP.NET 2.0 and it talks to our Business Layer through web services. LLBLGen Pro v2.0 was used to provide secure and efficient access to SQL Server.

LLBLGen Pro cut our development time significantly and allowed us to build reliable code in a fraction of the time. The entire site was built in a matter of weeks!

We'll launching RecallGuardian.com officially on December 3rd, 2007. We hope that you guys will sign up too!

The media only publishes a fraction of the product recalls ... and what you don't know can hurt you! Confused
LLBLGen Pro Team

The Hague, The Netherlands
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17-Aug-2003 18:00:36
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# Posted on: 03-Dec-2007 13:01:05.  
Nice idea! Regular Smiley (and site!)

Frans Bouma
LLBLGen Pro / ORM Profiler Lead Developer | Blog | Twitter
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